Hi. I'm Weston Cann.

I'm smart, creative, and I like to solve problems, usually by figuring out how good software and human systems can help, and then bringing them to life. I've been doing this with desktop, mobile, and web software systems for 20 years.

If you hire me, I'll help you create quality products and better processes. You can email me at weston @ canncentral . org.

I Know:

  • Programming languages: It doesn't matter which one, I'll learn it, but I've already built things in C, Go, Java, JavaScript, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Prolog, Python, and Ruby.
  • Markup and styling: I've produced literally hundreds of CSS positioned layouts that displayed consistently across browsers using the Blink, Gecko, and Webkit layout engines. Not to mention EdgeHTML and Trident.
  • Good software development practices — separation of concerns, loose coupling, SCM, MVC, TDD, OOP, etc.
  • Database theory and practice: I've used both relational and document-oriented databases. I know SQL. I can bring home the data, fry it up in a query plan.
  • How the web works on a protocol level: I could write my own web server in a pinch (but I know it's usually a better idea to re-use the work of others)
  • How the web works on a social level: attention, link-bait, memes, "why wasn't I consulted", online community (I'm "from the Internet").
  • What makes for good design and user experience.
  • How to learn new things

I've Studied:

Mathematics, Computer Science, Secondary Education, and Music.

I've Worked For:

  • FundDuel, a startup aiming to bring a competitive and celebratory take to the crowdraising space, from January 2018 through the present.
  • Meredith's digital services/marketing arm, focused on front-end work for web and mobile development projects for some of the world's biggest brands, from June 2012 through April 2016.
  • Myself, doing freelance development on projects from integrating backend services to mobile markup from 2006-2017
  • Logoworks (startup #3), doing account management on creative projects and covering the technical side of web projects from 2003-2006
  • Career Step (startup #2), building tutorial and education management systems in Perl from 2000-2001
  • Shopsite (startup #1, sold to OpenMarket), building one of the first ever turnkey web-commerce packages in C during the Wild West late 1990s.