Demos & Code Samples

Rich Internet Applications

Browser-focused interactive apps, generally made using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and whatever else is needed.


An experiment in programatically generated music, utilizing the WebAudio API.

(An alternate version of this app utilizes a Java Applet for sound generation, and will work for browsers not supporting the WebAudio API if Java is installed/enabled)

Geographic Event Visualization

Demo for a project for a music-industry focused social marketing firm that wanted a tool to visualize geographic data in real or elapsed time. Using the Google Maps API, markers are gradually placed at locations based on a back-end data feed (which, for demo purposes, is actually a static text file, so it runs out after about a minute).


Conway's Game of Life. Interactive front-end is built with JavaScript, a back end that generates animated GIFs for storage and playback is built with Python and ImageMagick


Simple player-vs-ai or player-vs-player strategy game. Players take turns marking off squares with either a rising or falling line. Lines may not touch corners touched by previously played lines. Last player to move wins.