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Short Reviews of Three LA (Giant) Donut Shops

Aug 16 2011

Randy's Donuts

An LA landmark that's appeared in a baker's dozen of films, this is possibly the shop I'd approached with the most anticipation, which I can't say I feel was richly rewarded. The local color was possibly the most exciting part of the visit (we observed a very vocal dispute between what appeared to be a parking enforcement officer and a motorist she had boxed in, as well of a few sketchy interlopers whose reasons for being present in the parking lot was unclear). The donuts seemd overly crumbly to me, and there was an age-y/oily edge I didn't like.

In fairness, it was about 10:30pm, an hour generally either very late or very early in the day for fresh donuts (but well within the window for sketchiness). I might try them again at a fresher hour.

Dale's Donuts

Similar in stature and appearance to Randy's, but less frequently featured in films, Dale's delivered better. Not too oily, both the cake and raised donuts seemd to have proper consistency and sweetness. Plus, they had cruellers. I love cruellers.

The Donut Hole

Not one, but two giant donuts grace this structure, and they're not simply signage -- they're the ends of drive-thru tunnel through which patrons pass in order to purchase their pastries. Both the experience and the donuts are strongest here: the drive-thru experience is naturally immersive (and very LA), and the donuts are great. I've returned three times for their perfect blueberry cake offerings and am quite fond of their maple frosting.

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