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Half-Formed Thoughts

Feb 2 2002

What is the difference between a half-formed thought and a full-term thought? Some of the things I've posted here in a few short weeks seem OK; others bother me. Gandalf and This is a Test and National Park Pass feel OK to me. By contrast What is a Free Market? seems like it could be an important treatise, if I actually knew more than a thing or two about economics. Instead it's more of a question and brief experiment of an answer. Reading Human History could be a long essay about contact with human stories -- whether in the context of histories or a conversation with your neighbor -- and how humanity and compassion are encouraged by that. Instead, it is a link to a slashdot story and comment, and also to a favorite song... little else.

I could polish these half -finished thoughts if I knew what made them different -- or at the very least, knew for certain that they were. But I don't, so for the moment join other stories of ambitions outstriping actual efforts and realities of day-to-day life: broken vehicles, business web sites to code, volunteer work long undone, and too-late nights.

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