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Feb 23 2002

Truth or Dare Jenga has black blocks (for truth) and red blocks (for dares). There are also wood-colored blocks (for Jenga). One might argue that they are not actually wood "colored" at all, because they are actually made of wood, but this is irrelevant to our discussion. What is relevant is the fact that the makers of this particular strain of Jenga may never have realized that some of the "truth" questions can be answered by the "dare" specified on block #21:

That's right. One can turn Truth or Dare Jenga into a different game, one that could (perhaps) be titled: Answer-all-"Truth"-questions-with-some-(or-no)-variation-on-the-answer-"Slow-Dance-with-a-Broom."

Let's run through a few examples:

Slow Dance with a Broom. (See? It works.)

Slow Dancing with a Broom. (Requires a slight change....)

Ah. Slow Dancing with a Broom.

Umm...Slow Dance with a Broom.

A slinky. (This is one of those cases where you have to slip something else in... a broom isn't battery operated. I would be frightened of one that was.)

Well.... Slow Dancing with a Broom.

See, once I was slow dancing with a broom...

The Broom (sticks straight up... went out in the 80s).

A slow dance with a broom (and perhaps, a very nice classical guitar).

Dar Williams, for sure.


yea you ahould really make a drinking game of thin it would b really funn
2004-03-05 12:47:37
A slinky isnt battery-operated either
2006-01-08 23:20:16
I dare you to lick the top of someons fot head,
2006-01-28 16:07:20

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