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Lame Apology

Sep 23 2002

All right, all right. I haven't written you. I haven't written you for a month or probably longer. General neglect of lots of important things has lately been the rule as I attempt to not neglect other important things and deal with the life-sucking chaos of not having employment but almost having employment, being ever so close and attentive to at least three extremely tantalizing employment options (not to mention one or two pedestrian but acceptable options) and then having them all sail away like lifeboats from a Titanic drowning victim. But my heart will go on, even as my frozen hopes for career glory sink to the bottom of the atlantic ocean.

I should have some interesting stuff to post here and send to you soon. In the meanwhile, you will have to be patient and content yourself with some mere amusement.

I make tomato sauce once a week or so, and like that. I have stopped actively adding stuff to my small compost pile as the weather gets colder and damper and things don't decompose as quickly. I have been recording some music. I have been thinking about honesty and integrity and where I've lost some precious bits of both and how to repair them.

I plan to write a few things about rumors, used car shopping, and perhaps some other things and backfill this weblog/journal with them. I hope to write some of my friends -- you included -- again soon, especially some estranged and/or neglected people important to me. I hope to become a better person. I hope to change my resume, paycheck, and the world, too.

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