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Direction of Digital Democracy

Nov 18 2003
The success of Dean's campaign isn't all about the money.

The Wealth of the Network

Nov 18 2003
Why open-source and other volunteer projects can actually be wealthier than traditional corporations.

Fall Back

Oct 31 2003
"Do you like November?" Becky asked. I didn't like last November: no work, many worries about my family, a dying grandmother, on top of the encroaching...

Framing Taxation

Oct 16 2003
Why do conservatives and progressives talk past one another, not with one another?

How Linus Leads

Oct 15 2003
Insights on management style, especially of a vastly distributed, volunteer project

Live or Tell

Sep 23 2003
"Any poet's existence is a sin, viz., the sin that one is writing poetry instead of living; that one occupies oneself with God and truth only...

Sandwich Counter Conversation

Sep 10 2003
"Come here often?" No, I think, it's been a long while. And it's funny that I've learned to hear that phrase as nothing but a pickup line;...

Instructions Preceeding a Book on Tape

Aug 28 2003
"Should a cassette fail to play properly, hold it flat in the palm of your hand, and slap it smartly against a hard, flat surface. If this does...

Failure is Always and Option

Aug 28 2003
Fabulous essay/op-ed explaining the mindset one must approach any engineered endeavor

The Problem

Jul 14 2003
Here's the problem: It gets wearying sometimes, making meaning out of experience, and I am getting wary of the trap that Garrison Keillor laughs...

A Question of Trust

Jul 7 2003
The author of Black Hawk Down weights in on whether it's important that WMDs are found.

Cult of the Red Heifer

Jun 29 2003
The other day I pulled out some old notebooks, scrawlings I'd made while trying to make sense of my graduate Matrix Analysis course....

PHP Command Shell

Jun 14 2003
Last week I wrote an interactive, command line PHP interpreter, and I've decided to post the source code here. It's version 0.1, and it comes...


Jun 13 2003
Walk as smoothly and steadily as possible, he says. Hold on to the bars if you need to, but you don't have to. Run when the belt starts to move...

Xanthan Gum

May 20 2003
"I'm a bit hungry." "I am too. D'you want to get something?" "Yeah. What are you in the mood for?" <silence> "Probably not the...

My Rest a Stone

May 16 2003
Up the hill, past the expensive housing developments, through dirt, gravel, and over rocks and ruts I shouldn't drive my car over, but do, carefully,...

It's All About Positioning

May 8 2003
Photo of salmon driving enthusiastically upstream,  straight into the mouth of a waiting bear.

Two Balancing Quotes

Mar 31 2003
"Young man," said Tolstoy, to an eager youthful reformer. "You sweat too much blood for the world. Sweat something for yourself first. If you...

Holiday Specific Amnesia

Mar 24 2003
This year, I completely forgot St. Patrick's day.

Hot Tub

Mar 21 2003
It was my birthday party. We were sitting in the hot tub at Dan's place, bathing in warmth, light conversation, candlelight, and the hint of...

Mr. Rogers' Dartmouth Commencement Address

Feb 27 2003
Fred Rogers died of cancer early this morning. I only remember watching his show vaguely, on sick days and summers, but I think I recall that...


Jan 30 2003
When I was a kid, I read the Great Brain books by J.D. Fitzgerald, stories of community life in Central Utah, mostly focusing around the antics...


Jan 6 2003
"You're never closer to dead than you are at 3 am" wrote Ray Bradbury, but there's at least one morning I can think of which I was alive with...