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Rear Window

Nov 6 2004
A bit of haste or anxiousness to get through the red light, and I could have run into the ambulance I suddenly found in front of me, as I drove...

Voting Information 2004

Nov 1 2004
On the off chance that there's still anyone out there still looking for information to help them make their presidential choice, I'm posting...


Oct 30 2004
I love it when my senses and brain capture something before I realize it. Tonight, it was noticing how my windshield wipers changed the sound...

Square Dance

Oct 9 2004
Last May I helped my brother move from Denver to Phoenix. I travelled through four states in three days, completing a square dance through the...


Sep 30 2004
Why is there something instead of nothing?

Evolution of this Website

Sep 2 2004
I'm breaking web-silence for the first time in a long time, and one of the things I want to write about at some point is why I haven't written....

Two First Paragraphs of Two Stories

Mar 1 2004
In the tradition of the very White Shoe Irregular. Both paragraphs end (and thus, both stories begin) with someone getting something in the mail....

Ten Minutes Ahead

Jan 19 2004
These are symptoms you have been told to fear: sudden weight loss extended lethargy inability to enjoy things you used to a giveaway of most...

10 Weeks As a Hunter Gatherer in Modern America

Jan 18 2004

What the Music Industry Could Learn From A Subway Musician

Jan 8 2004