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The Message is Medium Rare

Rear Window

Nov 6 2004
A bit of haste or anxiousness to get through the red light, and I could have run into the ambulance I suddenly found in front of me, as I drove to a party in Salt Lake tonight where they were watching Hitchock

Voting Information 2004

Nov 1 2004
On the off chance that there's still anyone out there still looking for information to help them make their presidential choice, I'm posting the 2004 version of the resources I posted in 2002


Oct 30 2004
I love it when my senses and brain capture something before I realize it

Square Dance

Oct 9 2004
Last May I helped my brother move from Denver to Phoenix


Sep 30 2004
Why is there something instead of nothing?

Evolution of this Website

Sep 2 2004
I'm breaking web-silence for the first time in a long time, and one of the things I want to write about at some point is why I haven't written

Two First Paragraphs of Two Stories

Mar 1 2004
In the tradition of the very White Shoe Irregular

Ten Minutes Ahead

Jan 19 2004
These are symptoms you have been told to fear: sudden weight loss extended lethargy inability to enjoy things you used to a giveaway of most...

10 Weeks As a Hunter Gatherer in Modern America

Jan 18 2004

What the Music Industry Could Learn From A Subway Musician

Jan 8 2004