I Can't Believe It's Not Blogging

The Message is Medium Rare

Fight Club = Calvin and Hobbes

Feb 21 2005
I am Jack's stretched but amusing analogy

I Feel a Disney Movie Coming On

Feb 14 2005
A bird and a cat, best friends. Happy valentines day!

Monowi NE: Population 1 (& 5000 Books)

Feb 13 2005
Across the Great Plains, towns that have long since lost their schools, their banks and all hope of a future still keep their little libraries...

Gliding Ants

Feb 11 2005
The Vader / Flying Squirrels of the Insect World


Feb 7 2005
Puppy snuggling. Seriously. Resistance is useless.

Taunt the eBay Community At Your Own Risk

Feb 4 2005
What happens when someone decides to sell a 36 1/2" window screen on eBay with the right words?

How To Sleep Like The Dead

Feb 3 2005
Drive. Drive for a long time, a long way, in a hurry. Do not, for any reason, get a hotel room. You can get out of the car to eat, stretch, or...

Malcolm Gladwell and James Surowiecki on smart decisions

Feb 3 2005
Supposing that we could, do we really want to replace our radiologists with the village in China?

The Guy Who Made Your Burrito is Huge In Germany

Feb 3 2005
A guide to the Athens GA music scene. Should I move there?

The Bell Curve

Jan 23 2005
What happens when patients find out how good their doctors really are?

Sometimes you gotta come out.

Jan 22 2005

A Perfect Day for OrangeFish

Jan 18 2005
It started innocently enough.

Reason #417 Why Insurance Companies Suck

Jan 8 2005
So this last week has been the first time in about two years that I've been laid-low, really harsh down-sick. Coincidentally, this is also approximately...