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A Perfect Day for OrangeFish

Jan 18 2005

It started innocently enough.

At work, Aaron noticed that the French call goldfish "poisson rouge."

While by trade we are largely crack design professionals, we are also sufficiently astute linguists that we noticed: this tranlates, literally to "red fish."

"Goldfish clearly are not red," Corbin said. "Yes," I replied, tossing an orange in the air, "but neither are they gold. They're more of an..."

You get the picture.

Six of them, actually. Sometimes, an idea just takes a hold of you.

And besides, why should Salinger have all the fun?


Cutest. Fish. Ever. (and that orange one is pretty cute too.)
2005-06-19 12:15:26
The only thing better than a banana fish is an orange fish.
2005-10-03 15:52:51
Alisa Allred Mercer

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