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Christmas on Aeternia

Dec 26 2008
There's something about this that I find highly charming on a level that goes beyond typical ironic amusement. (But, then again, "Garfield's...

I will recognize PR Campaigns for what they are

Dec 21 2008
If you watch TV commercials, drive where there's billboards, or ride public transportation where there are posters, you've probably seen pieces...

Tsunami Evacuation Route

Dec 14 2008
Tsunami Evacutation Route - Up

Social Chemistry

Dec 11 2008
I think this is supposed to be educational, but frankly, I think it raises an many questions as answers. Why is Carbon black? What kind of jerk...

I wonder if I am stupid

Dec 3 2008
I used to have a boss named Rock. Rock had earned a degree in astrophysics from Cal Tech and had never had a job in which he used his knowledge...

Mic Tap

Dec 1 2008
The thing that I've often found difficult about starting a performance is wearing the assumption that I should be the center of attention. Sometimes...