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Social Chemistry

Dec 11 2008

I think this is supposed to be educational, but frankly, I think it raises an many questions as answers.

  1. Why is Carbon black?
  2. What kind of jerk is Electricity, gratuitously breaking up a perfectly nice compound/couple like that?
  3. Why didn't the girl that broke up O2 turn into the fat H2O guy who was fighting Potassium instead of running off with one O?
  4. Why is Carbon the only black person?
  5. Why, when H2O clearly has the weight advantage, is Potassium slamming his head into the Jello and wiping the table with him
  6. Why is there Jello at this party? Are these people Mormons?
  7. Why is the molecule with the most mojo represented by a black person?
  8. Is anybody really so in a hurry to be part of a fivesome that turns out to be methane?
  9. Water and lead? What do they see in each other?
  10. I kindof thought Xenon would be more... I don't know... dignified looking. Classy. Patrician, even.

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