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Music Super Fun Pack

Nov 4 2010
Thanks to Bela Bartok and Boris of KDVS's Radio Sputnik

Why "window" instead of "fenester" or "thurl"?

Nov 1 2010
"A window is the space in the wall where the wind looks in."

Halloween Vision

Oct 31 2010
No Hallowmas souling or guising for me this year, but I went to a trunk-or-treat for the first time ever on Friday night. I confess I was down...

Eponymous Choice

Sep 21 2010
"So, what are you thinking of getting?" "I'm waffling between the Chicken Tortilla Roll and the Ultimate Steak Bowl." "You know, the place...

Escape Route

Aug 16 2010
An escape ladder leading *out* of a suburban backyard in a very nice neighborhood in North Orem


Apr 22 2010
Riffing off one of my favorite file format-related rants, I'd like to take a moment to speak to you about CSV. CSV is not a good format. CSV...