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Short Reviews of Three LA (Giant) Donut Shops

Aug 16 2011
Randy's Donuts An LA landmark that's appeared in a baker's dozen of films, this is possibly the shop I'd approached with the most anticipation,...

A Recipe for Suburban Brownies

Jul 25 2011
Ingredients: > 1 gallon of gasoline > 1 working automobile > 1 licensed, literate driver > 1 appliance-stocked kitchen > 1 mixing bowl...

Mantra for Crossing the jQuery Divide

Apr 7 2011
jQuery's been out for 5 years now, and I think there's still a large audience -- even among people who use it -- who don't understand what it...

The Overworld

Feb 21 2011
Found this amongst some old stuff at home a few weeks back: Map of the Zelda Overworld

Why Nokia is Doomed

Feb 18 2011
Back in 2007, sitting in a 24 hour Mexican Food joint, talking technology with another successful startup veteran, I said "I think it's 1995...

The Moat

Jan 8 2011
Once upon a time there was a programmer. The programmer had heard tales of great wealth in a far off city -- wealth that a skilled and canny...