I Can't Believe It's Not Blogging

The Message is Medium Rare

Doctor's Office

Dec 20 2002
After six months of waiting for insurance reasons, I saw a doctor today

Really, Actually, Empty

Nov 15 2002
The car shuddered just a bit about halfway through first gear, hesitated a single beat of combustion, which I noticed nervously but shrugged off


Oct 24 2002
I saw it seperate from the car, and slowly roll off the side of the road, down an embankment

New Category

Oct 22 2002
Perhaps another part of this trouble I've had producing writing over the last many weeks has something to do with the organization of this darn website


Oct 21 2002
Substance over style

I think

Oct 19 2002
Once or twice a month is less frequent than I had hoped to use this forum

Sharp Cars

Oct 12 2002
I've never owned a truck, never owned a vehicle I could use to pull and haul things, never owned something I didn't have to drive gingerly over dirt roads and potholes

The Blue Guitar

Oct 11 2002
"You do not play things as they are... they're changed upon the blue guitar." --Wallace Stevens

Lame Apology

Sep 23 2002
All right, all right

In The End

Sep 17 2002
"In the end no one will sell you what you need, You can't buy it off the shelf, You got to grow it from the seed" -- Chris Smither, No Love...

Career Consulting

Aug 29 2002
"Did you apply for that secret agent job?" said my sister

Time Value of Pizza

Aug 25 2002
Two and a half hours of baking, broken down into the timing for each task, would go something like this: Looking for the yeast: 5 minutes

Stars and Grace

Aug 18 2002
Stars, and against them, a circle of pine trees, tall, dark figures against the night, standing as if in council around the ampitheatre

The Dark Side

Aug 8 2002
"Once you head down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny... and you get dental."


Aug 7 2002
"Maybe you'll feel better if you jump in and mosh until you puke."

Death's Radio

Aug 2 2002
Michael wrote

Tacos and Yard Sales

Jul 20 2002
I recently had a poem published in The White Shoe Irregular, a publication I help out with from time to time

Yard Sales

Jul 13 2002
I had nothing for breakfast except orange food

Dream Camera Redux

Jul 8 2002
I had a dream once, and was allowed to take pictures, because my camera had fallen into the water

Pop Philosophy on the Wrapper of a Treat

Jun 27 2002


Jun 21 2002
Language neurons... stiffening... creative juices... drying... must... find... antidote...


Jun 13 2002
I am home

Evening Redux

May 23 2002
"so I settled for a burger and a grape snow cone

A Courtship (by Ted Kooser)

May 16 2002
There were parts of herself that were not in the mirror and those were pretty: a kindly touch inside the gloves of her big red hands, a well of patience behind her ropy eyebrows, and a love of children under the knocking bones of her breast

One Night Homeless

May 11 2002
The train I wanted to catch from San Luis Obispo back to Ventura left each morning at 6:35 am


May 10 2002
Up until two weeks ago or so, I have been driving an old, early 1980s Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser station wagon

Beach House

May 5 2002
Today, after I've had some sleep, and assuming I am able to navigate public transportation, I will travel to San Luis Obispo county, and spend some time in a small town in a house by the sea

A Challenge To The Official Version of Reality

May 2 2002
[Note: I dislike spam as much as the next person, and since everybody gets so much of it in their mailboxes, it must seem somewhat pointless to post some on a web page


Apr 17 2002
"Linkin Park is a band, not a cosmology." -- Time Magazine, Jan 28 2002

Abridged Letter To A Friend

Apr 9 2002
Alisa, Thanks for the poem

When I Didn't Know Who I Was

Apr 5 2002
"I spent a long day sleeping on a big clean hard white bed with dirty remarks carved in the wall beside my pillow and the beat yellow windowshades pulled over the smoky scene of the railyards

Progressive Observations About the Crickets with Which I Share A Room

Apr 4 2002
Day 1: There seems to be a cricket in the room chirping softly and occasionally


Mar 17 2002
I had a dream once, and was allowed to take pictures, because my camera had fallen into the water

Want to Help Stop Telemarketers?

Mar 13 2002
The FTC is taking public comments on a national "Do Not Call" list

Google My Brain

Mar 10 2002
As I was hiking in Arches National Park last weekend, I was thinking Paul Ford's hilarious Google piece, and suddenly realized that this was...

Draft of an Anniversary Poem

Mar 2 2002
Each day the earth deeply, softly rolls each night that moonlit wings move over seasons, each round and solar circle, slow, long, and smooth -- This is not time

Time Warp (part I)

Feb 27 2002
This morning I walked into the bathroom in the hallway in my parents house

A Convenient Answer

Feb 23 2002
Truth or Dare Jenga has black blocks (for truth) and red blocks (for dares)

Ice Sculptures

Feb 20 2002
These were taken at Provo's 2002 International Ice Carving Competition, an event produced in conjunction with the 2002 SLC Winter Olympics

No Stars

Feb 15 2002
Valentine's day is over

What is a flower?

Feb 5 2002
What is a flower? It is a kiss from the earth to the sky a child of sugar and sunlight low brown loam and God's bright dye love returned for love and light long, warn, and high

Half-Formed Thoughts

Feb 2 2002
What is the difference between a half-formed thought and a full-term thought? Some of the things I've posted here in a few short weeks seem OK; others bother me

What is a Free Market?

Feb 2 2002
Question: what is meant by the phrase "free market"? It's a question I ask myself increasingly as I think about economics

National Park Pass

Jan 22 2002
My 2002 National Park Pass


Jan 18 2002
I saw Lord of The Rings yesterday

This is a Test

Jan 16 2002
I walked home from the local testing center after I took the GMAT today

My Mom Likes Sting

Jan 16 2002
Mom sings with the Mormon Tablernacle Choir