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I Can't Believe It's Not Blogging

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Oct 22 2002

Perhaps another part of this trouble I've had producing writing over the last many weeks has something to do with the organization of this darn website. I've painted myself into several literary corners: poetry, musings, quotes, quotelets, other stuff. In the code I've written, I've left room for any number of categories; in the design and layout of the site, there's some room, but not the means to navigate them comfortably, and subcategorize, and randomize. As always, I envy this site.

But... torpedos and XML be damned, I'm pushing the throttle ahead. I have not figured out how to work in and organize the series of Sep 11 musings I've collected, the political commentaries I find myself now writing, and the object word writing exercises I've been lucky to be doing with a group of clever writers lately. But I am going to start putting them up. Now. The last piece I posted is a good start. Enjoy.

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